2009. december 19., szombat

Tips, and tricks, how to be organized at Christmas?

Tips for salon owners:

1. Lets begin the New Year at Christmas
Dont stick at the social tradition, that the new year begins at January. NO! In our profession, January-February are almost off-season. Dont waste your ads, and new promotions during this period. Invest this money in your bussiness BEFORE Christmas. Bring on new features, promotions, new products, and do amazing marketing AT Christmas time.

2. Bring the Holliday to your saloon
Bring your saloon a real Christmas athmosphere. Design the holliday accessories. Play Christmas songs from the HIFI center, slink in cinnamon, or apple fragrance, and stand in one of the corners, a decorated Christmas-tree. Create Christmas-gifts from paper-boxes. Tip: Decorate the decor-packs with your company logo.

3. Sale, sale, sale
Dont forget, that at Christmas time, people are more likely to shopping, and spend money. Create special packages for nail-care, pr create excusive gift-cards for the new year.

I wish merry Christmas, and a happy New Year for all nail technician from here, Hungary
Krisztina Rudnay

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  1. I found your blog and I love it! I really like the nail designs! I am a little bit Hungarian :)