2009. szeptember 8., kedd

The benefits of waterless manicure

Why waterless?

Fact: The water can soften the strong skin surrounding the nail plate, but it cause another effects:

Just like your body after showering, the hand's skin will drying after soaked in water. The nail plate penetrate with water, becoming soft, and vulnerable. You can easily damage the skin, or the nail plate during cutting the skin, or filing the free edge. After a few hours, the water will evaporate, and the nail plate become dry, hard, and rough. Change the water to professional skin softeners, high quality skin care, and base coats.

Step by step waterless manicure:

1. Shaping, reduce length
2. Skin softener (tip: Cuticle Away CND)
3. Push back cuticles, cut the skin if needed
4. Refine and cleanse the nail plate to buff with a fine block file
5. Buff oil into the nail plate

Tip: Use professional cuticle oil for manicures. The cheap oils, such for body's skin have bigger molecules, than the nail plate's size. Smaller molecules (what are in professional cuticle oils) can penetrate onto the nail plate. Bigger sizes can not.

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