2009. szeptember 12., szombat

The problem: crack on the sides of the free edge

Commonly cracks of the free edges sides.

The base of the problem: You were afraid to touch the skin, therefore you put less than enough product to the sidewalls of the free edge. Maybe you filed down too much product, make the zone too thin. This can cause three problems:

1. Weakens the structure of the nail, cause cracks soon.
2. As the natural nail grows, the natural free edge become under the bad sculpting sidewalls. The client can picking it.
3. The nail crack soon at the sidewalls, and the whole free edge can come off.

The solution:

1. During the sculpting process, be sure that you work thinly, but put enough product to the sidewalls of the nail enhancement, and covered throughly the free edges sides. Leave a small margin around the surrounding skin. During the prep of backfill, file the free edges sides, than build again with fresh product.

2. At the finishing process, use a maximum 180 grit hand file, or higher, and always check out the sidewalls. Pull back the surronunding skins with your fingers, during filing.

Nails: Gabriella Strahl (Hungary)

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